Friday, September 25, 2009

I took Ephram of a tour of our local Montessori school this morning. We've had a rough few weeks and I've really felt like I was failing at the whole homeschooling thing at times. So, I figured it wouldn't hurt to check it out. It seems like a great program for him, but I find myself asking whether it is really worth the money ($440/month for M-F 8:30-11:30am). I know he'd get more socialization than he is getting now, but a lot of the educational activities that they presented to me were things I already am doing with him at home. Or things he is already proficient in. I know it probably has more value than I realize, but sometimes I really underestimate how much he learns at home. Even when it feels like I'm not really teaching him anything. If there were a Waldorf program nearby, I might feel differently about sending him. I find a lot of value in a program that is rich in art and music. For now, he will remain at home with me. I feel good about that. If nothing else, today made me feel a little more confident that I'm doing an ok job.


  1. Feel free to do what's best for your children, but my $0.02 is this Don't Do It! If you're worried about socialization you may want to check out a local homeschool co-op. Like you said it's most likely stuff you're already doing and he'd most likely pick up more negative than positive.

    Our first three years of homeschool were rough (I'M a slow learner, lol) but once I figured out what type of a learner my son is (hands-on and visual!) and what type of books he liked (biographies, who knew?) everything got A LOT smoother. Plus, in my opinion, those early years aren't for academic learning, they are fostering a LOVE of learning, figuring out what makes your child tick and character building. But that's just my unsolicited OPINION-do what works for you :)

  2. I totally understand. I regularly lament our lack of Waldorf school in this area so my kids go to various different places to get what I think will suit their needs. My 8yo daughter goes to an arts-based curriculum charter school and my youngest little one is getting ready to start a Montessori preschool in January. I work full-time so homeschooling isn't in the cards for us, but it's still a huge decision-making process. Good luck with whatever you decide is right for your family!

  3. Cheryl,
    That is totally the feeling I am getting about this, that I am going to just homeschool him. I love the idea of a coop, but from a previous friend's experience, I can say somewhat confidently that there aren't a whole lot of coops around here that will accept us because we are Jewish. I guess the reason is because there are a lot of Christian homeschoolers here and it is part of their curriculum in the coop? I'm not sure. It is very different here from what I'm used to. A mom I know told me that her daughter came home from kindergarten saying, "Mommy, my friend told me he was sad because he wouldn't be able to play with me in heaven." This was because she was Jewish and not Christian. :o/ Strange comment from a 5 year old.